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The Challenge of Change
Tools for Transformational Thinking

Program Modules

The Burning Platform
A "burning platform" develops when an organization faces a major decision in which the cost of remaining status quo can be detrimental to the very core of the business. At this point, creating change is critical to survival. In this module, participants learn how to identify these situations and use change as a competitive advantage.

Transformational Thinking
The process of change is accelerating exponentially, presenting ever more difficult challenges. Participants in this module learn how to develop new paradigms of thinking to handle the volume, speed, and complexity of change in today's fast-paced world. Most importantly, they will learn how to recognize and exploit the tremendous opportunities of change.

Breaking the Cycle
Visionary organizations possess certain characteristics that enable them to remain on the cutting edge of change and become benchmarks in the industries they represent. In this module, Desi illustrates how to use these characteristics as a template to break old business practices that are no longer effective, and develop new, innovative approaches.

Becoming a Change Agent
In today's business climate, you need a new style of flexible and committed leadership to help others create change. This module discusses the various stages of change and how to empower people to move from compliance to commitment during the change process, so that quantum leaps in performance can be realized.

Developing Future Vision
The best way to forecast the future is to create it! This requires moving from the existing state of being to a new, more desirable state. Quite often, the emotional state of a person plays a critical role during the implementation process involving change. In this module, participants learn how to properly direct their energies for powerful results through a process called "future pacing."

New Beginnings
Successfully implementing change in any organization requires wholesale changes in old behavior patterns and development of new operating methods. Effectively measuring desired behavior requires that certain standards are in place and adhered to. In this module, Desi teaches the process of continual rededication to change by understanding how to measure and promote positive behavior.