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Cash Copy by Jeffery Lant

How to offer your products and services so prospects buy them NOW!

This is the consummate book to teach you how to become a copywriter. Once you learn this, you can create ads, flyers, sales letters, postcards and proposals that actually bring you business! Lots of it. You'll learn exactly how to write beneficial-driven, client-centered copy that sells.


  • The 21 biggest copywriting mistakes you're making
  • Directions for turning your copy around so it's about your prospect... not about you.
  • How to turn product/service features into the benefits that really get people to buy

You'll Learn How To:

  • Turn every word, every line, each paragraph and page into words that motivate your prospect to buy NOW!
  • Get and use client-centered testimonials
  • Create offers that motivate buyers... and much, much more!

This book includes 463 pages of sure-fire marketing tools that generate results.

Price: $39.95

No More Cold Calls by Jeffery Lant

Impact Marketing  photographThe complete guide to generating and closing all the prospects you need to become a multi-millionaire by selling your service.

Are you a doctor, lawyer, dietitian, consultant, dog-walker, caterer, or any service provider who hasn't yet turned your service business into a certain means of making yourself a millionaire? Then this giant, 675-page resource guide has just what you need to avoid the 30 major mistakes service providers who are not yet millionaires are making.

Learn How To:

  • Identify the right prospects for your business
  • Turn your computer into a marketing department of awesome proportions
  • Create fast, economical marketing communications that make your prospects buy
  • Generate all the free and low-cost leads you can handle
  • Create a lead-closing system
  • Turn your service experience into information products so you can make more money every single day!

If achieving millionaire status as a service-seller is what you want, you cannot afford to be without this book... the most detailed ever written on how to turn your service business into a wealth-producing machine.

Price: $39.95

Money Making Marketing by Jeffery Lant

Impact Marketing  photographFinding the people who need what you're selling and making sure they buy it.

This is the one resource you need to establish an absolutely unrelenting marketing program. In 285 info-packed pages, you'll find out exactly what you need to sell more of your products/services NOW! Not six months from now! Not every week! But right this minute.

Find Our How To:

  • Handle your marketing research, even when you hate it
  • Generate a steady stream of qualified prospect leads
  • Turn these prospects into buyers faster
  • Master the intricacies of writing client-centered marketing communications... so your prospects know precisely what you've got for them, and what they will need to do to get it!
  • Get all the free publicity you want for your product/services
  • Create classified space ads that get people to respond... and know what to do with them when they do... and much more!

Price: $39.50