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Program Modules

Becoming a Customer-Focused Company
The growth and development of many organizations in recent years has caused them
to become too internally focused by managing from the top down in the organization and losing sight of the needs of its employees and customers. Desi shares the principles that help you put the focus where it belongs: on the people that make it all happen!

The Empowered Organization
The process of empowerment involves creating
a business climate that supports openness and personal initiative. In this session, you learn how to become a sponsor by involving and supporting your team to exercise freedom to act within it's area of competence.

The Power of Diversity: Building Awareness
Communicating the importance of diversity is a vital aspect of creating a diverse work environment, and requires great patience and skill. This module teaches the key components of diversity, why it is important, and how to effectively cascade awareness throughout the organization for powerful results.

Building a Diverse Workforce
Diversity in the workforce is creating unprecedented challenges for all organizations. Along with ethnic and gender differences, employees have vastly different cultural and educational backgrounds, skills, ages, lifestyles, values and needs. In this session, Desi explores the changing trends that create challenges and opportunities in the workplace and how diversity can actually be used as a launching pad to outstanding achievement.

The Power to Manage Change
The composite changes in the workplace present unique challenges to the people of an organization, as well as to their job functions. This session provides participants with the skills necessary to effectively manage conflict by developing new behaviors and initiatives that remove barriers and allow the organization to prosper during periods of change.

Leading vs. Managing
Which is more important? Are they mutually exclusive or can they be performed simultaneously? The various demands your organization encounters in operating a business often make it difficult to remain focused on the proper priorities in providing resources for employees and serving customers. Desi teaches how to develop reliable and sustainable processes that show when to properly lead and manage so that you add value to the customer—and even exceed their expectations!