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...Succeeding in the Face of Turbulent Times

Program Modules

The Power of Personal Identity and Purpose
Master of change or victim of circumstance... which of these do you choose? It has been proven throughout history that people can do the remarkable things if they have the right motivation. The first key to success is understanding ourselves and what makes us function. Secondly, we must specifically define our mission in life, both personally and professionally. This module empowers you to navigate through turbulent times, giving you the tools to identify your mission and the willpower to accomplish it.

How to Program Yourself for Success
So often in life, we become victims of negative programming through various outside influences. We are all born to win, but programmed to fail. In this module, Desi teaches participants how to control their own mental programs by understanding why we do what we do, and how to change our own programming to achieve the results we desire through personal accountability and responsibility.

Raising Our Standard of Performance
If we all have the capability go to further than we ever thought possible, why don't we? Fear, negative programming? It's all a matter of perspective! In this session Desi unveils the secrets for maximizing your potential by introducing the characteristics for peak performance and how to get results by teaming with and leveraging the strengths of others. You'll learn how to utilize his O.P. III formula for success.

The Power of NICHES
No doubt we're living in some very turbulent times, but where there are challenges, there are also opportunities. In this session, Desi teaches the skills for discovering your own uniqueness and how to use it to maximize your potential and market value. You'll also learn the 21st century question that all progressive people and organizations continually pose so that they remain relevant, even in times of difficulty.

The Value + Goal Connection
Until we value ourselves, we won't value our time... until we value our time, we won't do anything with it. Learn how to discover your core values and implement them into goals that have the power and impact to cause you to take action toward building your better future.

The Six Most Important Questions in Life
When it comes to the area of personal responsibility and accountability, the answers to powerful questions can have a profound impact on our lives. In this session you will learn six of the most important questions in life and how to use the answers to those questions to inspire you to take massive action and use your will power to overcome obstacles and succeed regardless of circumstances or conditions.

An Attitude Adjustment—"The Big Picture"
Our attitude determines our direction in life. There are forces, both good and bad, that determine how we feel and act in dealing with life's circumstances and other people. This module addresses how to balance the two by continuously focusing on the proper priorities so that you maintain a positive outlook, even when faced with challenging situations.