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Desi Willaimson in action

"Your ability to incorporate the key strategies and issues of this division so meaningfully into
your overall presentation impressed our team. Thanks once again for exceeding our expectations and needs."
     General Mills

"You made an 'Impact!' It was evident from the homework you did, the questions you asked and the size of the audience that your participation in our convention made a difference. Your energy, positive attitude and practical ideas and examples gave our franchisees valuable information to take back home."

"I was impressed with how detailed your preparation was and because of it you hit the target directly."

"You did your homework and delivered just the right message in helping us launch one of our most important initiatives which was critical to our success."

"Your presentation was excellent, and your efforts to research our group ahead of time made it especially so."


"Thank you for the incredible speech you gave to our franchisees and field personnel at our Leadership Conference in Denver!"
     Blockbuster Entertainment Corporation

"... referring to him as simply a motivator is an understatement. Desi's presentation is filled with such realistic and usable life experiences almost any audience can relate."
     The Toro Company

"Dynamic, energizing, creative and practical ideas for increasing leadership skills captivated the audience."

"So, Desi, thank you, for you were both inspirational and motivational—capping off a special evening for the managers who make it happen in the North Florida District. Your comments were right on target, and your life's lessons, which you shared so eloquently, gave us pause and the understanding that obstacles are but milestones on the path to success."
     United States Postal Service

"Desi, your presentation was fantastic! Not only did you entertain and inspire our agency group, you wove in just the right amount of State Farm history and tradition."
     State Farm Insurance

"I can't begin to tell you how many people stopped me after the session to inquire about you. Your energy, enthusiasm and ability to involve the audience was fantastic."

"'It was great to have you as a part of our ServiceMaster International Convention. The long lines at your book signing were a clear indicator of the kind of excitement you generated in people's minds, and, most importantly, their hearts."

"We appreciate the time and effort you took to make our meeting something special. You definitely contributed to the success of the meeting."

"As one who is usually not at a loss for words, I have to admit that your presentation left me completely speechless. There is not an adjective in the dictionary that would adequately describe the effect you had on the audience. I have never seen so many men and women line up after a talk just for the privilege of hugging the speaker."
     Coldwell Banker Corporation

"Thank you also for your comments about our company and your ability to integrate elements of our presentation into your story. By making the story relevant to our issues and our needs, you further enhanced the effectiveness of your presentation."
     Doubletree Hotels

"Desi has a gift for empowering people. His interactive style engaged the audience. He was the highlight of our day's activities, and made a striking impact on our Human Resource professionals."
     Andersen Consulting

"Thanks and appreciation for your participating this year in Honeywell's World-Wide Diversity Day Celebration. Your message was empowering, insightful, motivating, and at the same time, sobering."

"Beyond that, you are a great person to work with. I felt that you really took time to examine who we are and where we're going while you prepared for this event. I hope we'll be able to work together again. Thanks for making me look good!"
     Alabama Council for School Administration and Supervision

"WOW!! Mr. Impact is exactly right. Our staff, our agents, and our entire sales force are still talking about you and your contribution to our National Sales Conference. Your ability to customize your presentation to the needs of our organization was awesome. It was entertaining, inspirational, and most of all, motivating."
     Mayflower Transit

"Every comment that I have received has been nothing but positive feedback. It was such a pleasure working with someone who cares enough about his business that he requests so much information to prepare himself for an excellent presentation about the companies for which he is speaking to. The message came across loud and clear to the audience that you knew what you were talking about."

"Outstanding presentation. The energy level you created was tough to match by any other presenter that followed."
     The Deluxe Corporation

"Outstanding presentation. You absolutely helped us kick off the new year in the right way."
     JC Penney

"Dynamic presentation! Your remarks were well-organized and customized to exactly what was pertinent to our audience."
     Bank of America

"We've received more positive feedback about your segment than I would have ever imagined."
     Holiday Companies

"Your program has proved to be one of the perfect elements in helping to deliver the right message to kick off another successful year at our company."
     Pro Staff

"The motivation, inspiration, humor, excitement, all wrapped in one package with your dynamic personality and professionalism, got our conference off to a tremendous start."
     The National Organization of Professional Black
     Natural Resources Conservation Service Employees

"Desi carefully crafted a presentation that was aimed at the very heart of the mission and values of Lucent Technologies. As he addressed the audience, Desi spoke to the goals, objectives and accomplishments of Lucent as if he were one of our own."
     Lucent Technologies

"Desi was able to captivate and lead the audience to a better understanding of what we're all about and where we want to go."

"Your sales training/motivational seminar injected great excitement into our sales force. Our sales skills have been sharpened dramatically and our productivity is up."

"The entire audience was totally entranced throughout your entire presentation."
     Dairy Queen

"THE VERY BEST!... Your message ranked a very high 4.9 on a 5.0 scale."
     Wausau Insurance Companies

"I heard nothing but rave reviews throughout the entire group."
     American Airlines

"For 90 minutes, I was on the edge of my chair taking pages upon pages of notes and anxiously waiting for you to share more of your wisdom. I was impressed with your ability to captivate everyone in the audience."
     Coopers & Lybrand

"If anyone asks me to recommend a speaker... you will be at the top of the list!"
     Prudential New Zealand

"Your dynamic style of presentation was both informative and motivational to the students. Our follow-up survey... resulted in your seminar being rated the highest—with a score of 4.81 out
of 5!"

"I strongly believe that my team's resonance to your message is directly related to your adeptness in weaving facts and specifics about our organization into the content of your presentation. Moreover, you're a 'master' at taking examples in everyday life and relating them to specific company and organization experiences... hope you take pride in knowing that any success we experience this year, you have been a significant and major contributor."
     Pacific Bell

"Our entire group has been talking for days about Desi... how he helped rally them and has given them a better understanding of their value—and how they can make a difference in their own lives as well as those of their customers."
     Premier National Bank

"From personal experience, I think I am qualified to say your message gets more powerful and is delivered with more energy and enthusiasm every time I hear it."
     Rain Bird Sales, Inc.

"Your program is credible, right from, word one, and solidly on target!"
     Minnesota Department of Economic Security

"Thanks a million! Your program has made an incredible impact on our students.
As special educators, we are faced with the challenge of educating students who exhibit a low motivation to succeed.  You have opened their eyes to their personal potential and ability."
     Apple Valley High School