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Impact!! Sales Strategies
Secrets of Successful Selling

Program Modules

Mastery of Emotions
The decision-making process is greatly affected by fear and negative emotions. Learn how to overcome fear and create an atmosphere where positive emotions build long-term customer relationships.

Power of Rapport
Impressions are formed the instant people make contact.  In this session, participants learn proven ways to develop immediate rapport that enables them to recognize the values and meet the needs of the customer.

Impact!! Questions
Those who ask the most questions control the conversation. Desi teaches the "power" questions to ask that empower prospects and lead them to final decisions. This is the real secret to higher sales.

Handling Objections
Objections are key signals that indicate a customer's desire for more information. Learn how to lead prospects to overcome their own objections by changing their perspective to a frame of reference that aligns your product or service with their own values and needs.

Impact!! Presentations
Matching products and services to the values and needs of customers is the desired result of a powerful presentation. Desi shares persuasive presentation skills that keep customers physically and emotionally involved in the presentation process. This allows the all-important matching process to take place, so more sales are made.

Impact!! Closes
The process of closing is giving the customer what he or she wants. Participants in this session learn how peak performers continually close throughout the sales process by recognizing buying signals and integrating the values of the transaction necessary to persuade the customer to take action.

Impact!! Follow-up and Service
Follow-up and service with your customer begin the relationship that ensures your future success.  Session participants learn the importance of exceeding customer expectations through proven strategies that keep customers involved, satisfied, and loyal.